Children’s Eyeglasses

“Tricks of the Trade” and Suggestions for Toddlers

The most commonly asked question from the parent of an 18 month old is,”How do I prevent my child from taking off his glasses?” As with every situation involving a toddler, if a plan A doesn’t work, go to plan B. And, if plan B doesn’t work, go to plan C. If you get to Z and nothing has worked, go back to plan A and start again. Keep in mind that the overriding factor in determining your child’s adjustment to wearing glasses is you attitude. It is important that you succeed.

What to do?

Make sure you child’s glasses are comfortable. Check that the ear piece fits well on your child’s ears and that it does not squeeze or pinch anywhere.

Try to start start this regime at a planned time when you nothing else but the introduction of the glasses. This may necessitate taking some time off from work and keeping your child at home with you during this period of adjustment. Once you are assured of your child’s comfort, you have to decide that your child will wear his glasses as prescribed by his doctor. You make this decision the same way you would if your child had diabetes and required an insulin injection daily. It is necessary. If you attitude is positive, definite and unwavering, your child will understand that wearing glasses is not a matter of choice. At first you will need to enforce your decision. Each time the glasses are removed, replace them on your child’s face immediately. By the tone of your voice and your attitude, you convey to your child that there are no options. Either anger at your child’s disobedience or amusement at his antics are counterproductive. You need to remain calm, definite and unmovable. Show displeasure if the glasses are removed. Show pleasure when they are worn and maintain your unswerving conviction that the glasses remain on.

You know your toddler better than anyone. Focus on your toddler’s favorite activities and perhaps introduce a new toy or two.


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