Chalazion Cysts

Chalazion Cysts form in the wax glands that are in the eyelid. These glands have tiny ducts which open onto the edge of the eyelid, and sometimes, for reasons that we do not understand, one of the ducts may become blocked. When this occurs, the wax that is made by the gland becomes backed up in the duct, and a pea-sized knot, or cyst forms in the eyelid. The cyst may dissolve on its own, or may become spontaneously inflamed and get bigger, and then go down again.

We recommend conservative treatment of Chalazion Cysts. When the children develop significant inflammation, we usually treat the cyst with warmth compresses and antibiotic eye drops. The drops and the warm compresses are used for five days, after which the cysts are usually much smaller and less red, and may dissolve completely. If the cyst persists for several months, or if there are multiple periods of inflammation, then we may consider surgically removing them if it becomes absolutely necessary.

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