LASIK vs. Contacts

Maybe Contacts Aren’t The Long-Term Answer?

The iLASIK Procedure is not without risk, but wearing contacts has its own risks. Infections with contacts can occur, so considering this possibility, the hassle of contacts and the lifetime costs of wearing contacts, maybe it’s time for the iLASIK Procedure.

  • Have you wondered how much you spend annually on contacts and glasses?
  • Have you evaluated the lifetime costs?
  • Are your contacts becoming uncomfortable?

What About The Lifestyle Costs?

  • Do you realize how much time you spend cleaning and caring for your contacts?
  • What type of lifestyle compromises do you continue to make because of your contacts?
  • Have you ever found yourself on the road without your contact supplies?

The iLASIK Procedure vs. Contacts Cost Comparison

What are you spending on contacts? It may be more than you think, and your long-term spending will almost certainly offset the cost of the iLASIK Procedure.

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